Guest Policy

Eligible Guests

  • Guest of currently-enrolled UNC Charlotte student
  • Guest of current faculty/staff/retiree/affiliate with membership
  • UNC Charlotte alumni
  • Current faculty/staff


  • Guest fees are $5 per guest per daily visit to the facility.
  • Guest fees must be paid at check-in before entering the facility. They must be paid with the correct change.
  • No refunds will be awarded once a guest has entered the facility.

Guest Requirements

Participation in recreational activity at UNC Charlotte is voluntary and at the risk of the participant.

  • Current faculty/staff are eligible with their current UNC Charlotte ID.
  • UNC Charlotte alumni may enter without a sponsor, but must present Alumni Association Perks card and a current government-issued photo ID.
  • All other guests must be sponsored by either an eligible member or currently enrolled student.
  • Neither alumni nor faculty/staff without a current membership may sponsor a guest
  • No eligible member or student may sponsor more than two guests per visit.
  • Guests must present a photo ID.
  • Guests must sign an assumption of risk waiver and pay the appropriate fee prior to entering the facilities. Receipt will be provided as proof of facility use and access.
  • Sponsors must accompany their guests at all times.
  • Sponsors will be held accountable for the actions of his/her guest(s).
  • Guests and their sponsors may utilize the facility of choice, if both are eligible for both Belk Gymnasium and the Student Activity Center.
  • No guests under the age of 18 will be permitted in any of the recreational areas of the SAC. Proof of age is required.
  • Dependents of eligible students or faculty/staff may not sponsor guests.